Ghana Post GPS app comes with innovative value – panic buttons. The buttons help in easy communication to the Police, Fire and Ambulance services in the event of imminent danger. It gives just in time location information to the providers of the services. Ghana Post and it’s telecommunication partners are poised To Help in resourcing the emergency service providers to respond timely to distress calls that hit their devices with digital addresses for easy location.

Bank Account creation and loan access for small businesses at the bank has never been easy

The ‘koko seller’ once they have their digital address can now open a bank account, as he or she will be able to meet the basic requirement to access loan facilities from a bank. The ‘koko seller,’ like many other small businesses, can also grow his or her business.”

Door to Door Delivery Made Simple

No more The ‘blue kiosk,’ the ‘waakye’ seller, the ‘Kofi brokeman’ seller and ‘that big tree at the junction,’ as reference points for giving out locations.